AS-25 of ICAI on “Interim Financial Reporting” (Download PDF)

AS-25 of ICAI on “Interim Financial Reporting” prescribes the principles for revenue recognition and measurement in a complete or abridged financial statements for an interim period. Download PDF Copy of AS-25, from the link below:

AS-25 of ICAI on “Interim Financial Reporting”  

This Standard does not mandate which enterprises should be required to present interim financial reports, how frequently, or how soon after the end of an interim period. If an enterprise is required or elects to prepare and present an interim financial report, it should comply with this Standard.

A statute governing an enterprise or a regulator may require an enterprise to prepare and present certain information at an interim date which may be different in form and/ or content as required by this Standard. In such a case, the recognition and measurement principles as laid down in this Standard are applied in respect of such information, unless otherwise specified in the statute or by the regulator.

The requirements related to cash flow statement, complete or condensed, contained in this Standard are applicable where an enterprise prepares and presents a cash flow statement for the purpose of its annual financial report.

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